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About Val......

Valerie Kerr has spent many years teaching the piano, singing and composition and holds ATCL  LTCL diplomas from Trinity College of London.
She has obtained diploma's from the British School of Yoga in Meditation, Colour Therapy and Hypnotherapy.
She is the granddaughter of a talented couple: an Opera singer and a Piano accompanist who were part of the music scene in KwaZulu-Natal South Africa in the first half of last century.
Her  mother was one of their twelve children who, as a family, participated joyfully in choral singing and were exposed to regular concert performances. Having been born into this environment and with music being an integral part of her life, it was very easy for Val to play by listening and then reproducing the sounds on the piano.
She became passionate about music and loved playing the piano above all else. In spite of the fact that she suffered from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) and stubbornly refused formal lessons in her youth, her dream was to be a concert pianist.
At the more mature age of thirty she came to realise that playing by ear was not sufficient and that both discipline and greater dedication were needed to develop her talents. She started teaching herself and, for the first time, began to read music and to understand music theory that previously she had known only by instinct. Within seven years she passed her Piano Teachers Diploma.
As the years passed, Val was constantly busy, raising her own children and teaching her pupils the piano & singing.                                                                                                                                    
During this time she continued to perfect her own piano technique by constant and determined practice. She also composed and recorded a vast number of works which are registered with the South African Music Rights Organisation. Regular concerts are also held in their home theatre. She has never lost her desire to become a concert pianist.
Realising that age is just a number,  Val continues to dedicate herself to her lifelong passion, which is to give recitals  of  classical and other beautiful music. As well as playing, she will provide 'tools' that will help listeners not only to hear the music but to truly enjoy it. Looking ahead, her hope is that this will help to swell audiences of all classical performances.  As a bonus, she looks forward, on occasions, to showcasing her own compositions.'

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