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Valerie Kerr Pianist and Composer
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Valerie’s Bio
She was the granddaughter of a talented Opera singer and Piano accompanist. Her mother was one of their 12 children who from very young were conditioned into choral singing, where they were exposed to regular concert performances. Valerie was born and raised in this environment. With music being part of her life it was very easy for Valerie to play by listening then reproducing it on the piano, her love for the piano grew.
She was passionate about and loved playing the piano more than anything she wanted to be a concert pianist.
Valerie has recently become aware of the fact the she suffered with ADHD. This condition prevented her from developing any form of discipline to achieve at activities that required any concentration and hard work.  In spite of this at the age of 37 she passed her Piano Teachers Diploma.
She never lost her desire to become a concert pianist, although she had many years where her attention was dedicated to teaching and raising her children.
She feels that now is the time to dedicate herself to her passion in order to showcase her compositions as well as her favourtite Baroque/Classical/Romantic music of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin and others.

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