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Bookings for Music Healing

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Music is a universal language which is powerful enough to unite people and countries. Gentle piano music soothes a baby and helps to heal a broken heart.
Soothing Piano music is therapeutic for people with emotional and physical problems.
Piano music, because of its ability to deliver healing effects made by one person who is able to replicate  a whole orchestra on one instrument With only 10 fingers and 88 keys. An experienced piano player can change the attitude of an entire room.
Studies have uncovered that music causes noticeable changes in brain wave patterns.  It also reveals that blood pressure is stabilised, breathing patterns and heart rate regulated and muscle tone is enhanced . This provides proof that a good piano player has the ability to improve the physical and emotional health of listeners in multiple ways.
Music dulls pain:
Beautiful music is a soothing distraction from aches caused by chronic illness. This allows the mind to have a chance to intervene and heal the body naturally.
Listening to good music is said to increase endorphin levels, a brain chemical associated with happiness and feelings of well-being and restore healthy sleep patterns.

Pythorogus discovered that all things vibrate at certain frequencies. When exposed to matching frequencies it creates balance and healing.Therefore many of the vibrations in a piece of music match the vibrations in a human body. Being exposed to those vibrations also creates balance and healing within ourselves.

Experience what "music" and what their "vibrations" can do for your Body, Mind and Soul. When combined with "affirmations" bad habits are changed for new.
Join us to find out what these powerful influences can do for you.

After an experience with us
Please share your story of what a particular piece of  music revealed to you or did for your health. The most impressive stories will win for you  a CD or DVD.
You can send these to us by e mail for valuation.

Please share your time with us on our social media pages.

Many blessings.

Join us to receive the gift of healing through a professional live piano music experience.
Receive healing through beautiful music, Vibrations from the music and Affirmations.
You can also share your experience or let us know by e mail.
Sunday 20th January at 3.00pm. Refreshments will be served.
Rembrandt Mini Home Theatre 10 Hereford Street Rembrandt Park... Directions below
Book your seats by clicking on bookings. when the page opens click on BUY TICKETS to book your seat. Once they are booked to
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The Tickets are R50.00.

You can buy your tickets below by clicking on the PAY NOW  Button .
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