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Classical Recitals

Scenic Sounds
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The Rembrandt Mini-Home Theatre will be bringing to you........

Up and coming Classical Music recitals due to begin in August
Keep watch for details.

Besides hearing the beautiful music of the Great Composers and getting to understand and enjoy it
there are numerous Benefits to  Listening to Classical Music it

1. Decreases blood pressure
2. Boosts memory
3. Sparks creativity
4. Reduces stress levels
5. Supercharges brainpower
6. Fights depression
7. Puts you to sleep
8. Relieves pain
9. Makes you happy
10. Improves productivity

Booking will open end July.
You can book  by Clicking on  bookings.  When the page opens click on BUY TICKET This will book your seats.
When you have booked your seats  click on the paynow button below to make a payment.
The Tickets are R100.00.
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