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Godfrey and Val
Scenic Sounds “Happiness Therapy,”
Scenic Sounds was created in a collaboration between Godfrey a photographer and Valerie a pianist.
In combining their talents, Godfrey’s long term interest in photography and Valerie’s continued desire to play piano music, inspired them to create Scenic Sounds.
They believe that piano music producing a singing quality combined with beautiful scenes can touch people and make a difference in their lives.
Beautiful natural scenes, (which they call movement within still) and well loved piano music combine well, in their programme to help people to  develop the happiness habit resulting in the ability to be able to relax, meditate or just enjoy the experience, whichever they choose.          
For an hour "you" will have an opportunity to escape from reality as we know it.
Valerie will continue in her role of playing piano recitals under the banner of Scenic Sounds.
Please support our desire to help and encourage Osborne Mnganga and his youth orchestra TuttiMusic, and become a patron.

Scenic Sounds
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