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We are living in a fast a furious world where peace is seldom the norm.
As human beings we all have a desire to opt out of it and move into a state of peace and harmony.

Are peace, relaxation and beauty some of your intentions for today.
Lets analyse the value of peace. By developing a culture of peace and relaxation we learn the art of being able to control our emotions
which enhances work productivity. This understanding allows for more harmonious relationships with our work colleagues.
It also develops an harmonious home environment. It causes happiness all round.
Our old stress filled habits are replaced with a new exciting, enthusiastic zest for life. Very exciting!!!
Scenic Sounds:
Relax and Meditate to beautiful scenes and music.
Scenic Sounds is an hour long programme of beautiful scenes and music
The scenes are stuctured to allow the clients to move immediately into a state of relaxation and peace. The movement within still method was used specifically to help people to find themselves peaceful and harmonious allowing themselves to go into a meditative and relaxed state.  The Scenes combined with the music that Valerie has composed and played as well as the music she loves from the great composers such as Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt and others.
Allow the emotions to  register  a state of happiness. They could also clear stressful issues.

It is proved that music is relaxing, it releases stress, uplifts and comforts.  Never is this effect more evident than in the experience of live music.  
Music must be shared with others; it connects a community.  In our modern age, we sometimes lose sight of the importance of live music concerts.

Children become alive when someone reads to them. Something magical happens to a child when they listen to a story
they become deeply engrossed in the experience and are able to express themselves from the heart.

The music that is heard that we produce through Scenic Sounds, either in the form of a CD, digital downloads or a live recital are created with love.
Feedback from peoples experience express that they felt only harmony, contentment, relaxation and joy.

People love the Scenic Sounds experience because of the beauty of the scenes and music. This combination takes them into a state of peace almost instantly
The showing of Scenic Sounds in the Rembrandt Mini Home Theatre has a special appeal because of the energy from the clients combined with the discussion afterwards.
Using a video in the comfort of one's own home is convienent for one to develop the habit of being able to go into a relaxed state and meditate.
With practice it becomes easier and easier to master.

is a platform that assists artists to make a living find out more about our desire to assist children in South Africa to go to a music school.

Scenic Sounds
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