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Change Lives and Opens Minds  Meditation programme lowers the brainwaves 
from Beta 12.8 Hz (Our Normal everyday State) Down to Theta 4.8Hz 
(Our imaginative/receptive/creative state)
Affirmations will guide you into a relaxed state, while the imagination.
Change Lives and Open Minds

Change your life using Binaural Beats, Music and suggestions

What are Binaural Beats:
Binaural Beats are a tool that we can use to bring the Brainwaves to the vibratory state that is able to accept suggestions.  Our normal state is Beta (Our everyday talking, doing state) where the brainwaves vibrate at a frequency of around 14 to 28 Hertz or cycles per second.  The Alpha state which is the meditative, relaxed state is between 7 & 14 Hz
When our brainwaves are slowed down considerably, vibrating at between 4 to 7 Hz. We are in deep relaxation which is the Theta state. Suggestions in this state are extremely powerful.
In the Alpha state we are also open to accepting positive change which can reprogramme the subconscious mind to accept positive suggestions.

The Binaural beats set for this weight control programme take us into the Alpha state. These new suggestions will create in us the ability to  love ourselves. To know that we are worthy and deserving of all good in our lives, as well as to respect and appreciate ourselves. 

While listening to the Binaural Beats, Music and suggestions, the old programming that influences us to be a certain size, will be changed and we will begin to move towards a perfect weight situation. One needs to do this programme frequently twice a day for 6 months. As you  and you will gradually find that you will be living a life of joy, you will find that you will attract all that is good into your life

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