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Movie and Relaxation

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Movie and Relaxation.

On the fourth Sunday of each month at 3.00pm you can experience an upifting, thought provoking,
feel good movie. Before the movie you will be guided through a 6 minute relaxation exercise which
will put your mind into a relaxed state in preparation for the movie. You will also meet people with similar interests.

Share this wonderful experience with us.
Join us and enjoy the relaxation and movie experience.

Venue Rembrandt Mini Home Theatre 10 Hereford Street Rembbrandt Park.
You can book by clicking on bookings below. When the page opens click on BUY TICKET This will book your seats.
When You have booked your seats click on the Paynow button below to make a payment.
The tickets are R100.00

You can buy your tickets below by clicking on the PAY NOW  Button
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