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Music Therapy

Discover Your Passion or any hidden issues.
While listening to live piano music express yourself by writing or drawing.
People are known to discover secrets hidden deep within.
You may be surprised to even find your Passion you so desperately want to find.

It has been said that the Seven sounds of the musical scale. The 7 Primary colours of the rainbow and the 7 energy centres in the body resonate at similar frequencies.
In additions to the primary colours there are infinite variations between each colour just as there are harmonics between the main sounds of the musical scale which can cmpare to the different frequencies between the main energy centres (Chakra’s) in the human body.
Having said that the beauty of the music and splendour of colour shades synchronise and create different responses from the subconscious mind.
People are often surrounded in colours while listening to beautiful music.

Piano Recital _ Music Therapy 
The Power of Classical Music vibrations combined with colour vibrations which both match and balance our own vibtrations, can help reveal and explain deep seated emotional issues. 
Live music that is well played creates an impact on those of you who just want to listen to good music as well as to those of you who intend to use the music to help solve certain issues (aspects) within your life.
During your time of listening to beautiful liveMusic from the 16th Century onwards you will have an opportunity to capture your thoughts by writing what the music is doing for you. You can draw images that may be revealed to you as the music is being played, or you can even doodle the effect that it has on you. You may even find your 
hidden talent that could become your passion.
You may like to take home your work which should reveal to you in the comfort of your home what you need to know.
Music is known to help create beautiful images through the imagination. It is known to conjure up memories of past experiences. 
It is known to bring out very deep seated and profound memories. 
Music is known to heal on a physical level dealing with different vibrations to help balance and bring back the harmony and joy which are our birthright.
The Programme

Reveal your personal issues yourself through the miracle of live Piano music.
Music Therapy (Recitals) held at the Rembrandt Mini Theatre by arrangement
Entrance is by donation
Please bring a pencil and Note Book that you can use to write what you feel or to draw images or doodle expressions of your feelings.
Each time you may experience something different. By using the note book you can keep referring to it as you wish in order to jog your memory with what you learned. Each time you look at what you did it may reveal something new to you.
This may be unnecessary to those of you who just want to listen.

Performer/Music Therapist
Valerie Kerr has spent many years teaching the piano, singing and composition and holds ATCL  LTCL diplomas from Trinity College of London. She is also a piano performer and composer. She has also spent many years researching our connection to spirituality and did extensive study on the brain and brainwaves. Her work with brainwave entrainment inspired her to create Binaural beat CD's  to help balance our brainwaves in different areas. She has obtained diploma's from the British School of yogo in Meditation, Colour Therapy and Hypnotherapy.  She now combines her music performing to help clients to express themselves and connect on a deep emotional lever through writing or drawing as the music plays. 

Next Piano Recital/Therapy Programme to be announced.

Venue: Rembrandt Mini Home Theatre,  (Across the road from the Edenvale Hospital into Kerry Street, 1st right into Hereford Street.)
Address: 10 Hereford Street Rembrandt Park 
entrance Piano Recital/Therapy Programme : by donation.    
If by arrangement charge R200.00 per person. To arrange a session contact the e mail below.
Booking Essential:  0834865054  E-mail
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