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Musical Experiences of Valerie Kerr
Because of certain circumstances Valerie only began to study music in her 30’s although she played the piano by ear from 3 years of age.
When as a child she was asked what she wanted to do when she grew up it was always to be a concert pianist. However she never did much if any work towards achieving her goal, she battled on playing by ear and could not read a note of music. It was only after she was asked to teach music at the age of 30 that she finally decided to study music properly and practice the piano.
As different coincidences began to show up in her life her desire to work at her music intensified. Her yearning to compose music also steadily increased.

Once she had passed her teachers diplomas her time was taken up with teaching in earnest for many years.
It was only after an encounter with John Demartini 3 years ago however that she decided to fulfil her dream as a concert pianist.
She began to put in the many hours of practice a day which is required to reach a suitable standard for performance.
It has been said that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field.
Although she is in her seventies she is more determined than ever to fulfil her desire to become a master of piano playing in not only Classics but in other Genres that require technical skill as well. To compose music at an advanced level for piano,voice and orchestra is also a passion she is determined to fulfil.
She says that because of John Demartini’s teachings she realises that it is never to late for anyone to achieve their passion. It does require dedication and hard work at first however, once the skill is mastered the work becomes easier and just flows. When this is achieved more and more coincidences begin to show up in our lives.
Her other passion is helping people to change their lives using the Power of Love, enthusiasm and Gratitude.
Because of this desire she received diploma's through the British School of yoga in Colour and Sound Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Meditation.

1)     Valerie played the piano by ear from the age of 3.
2)     She learnt some music but was unable to read because of her aural ability.
3)     At the age of 30 she was asked to teach a child music because she could play.
4)     She replied “I do not know how to read  middle C, so how can I teach.”
5)     As a result she subsequently gave up playing by ear and began to study through Trinity College.
6)     In 8 years she received ATCL, LTCL teachers licentiates
7)     She began to compose in the 1980’s and became a member of Samro.
8)     She had a desire to compose a more complex type of music as well as Opera music.
9)     To become more equiped for the task she practiced the music of
10)    Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Liszt, and other composers.
11)    She has recently recorded some of the works of these composers.
12)    She has also recorded some of her own compositions  that she has registered with Samro.
13)    She is busy performing them live and uploading them to You Tube and other outlets.

Author of Children's books.

Valerie became aware of the power of the imagination at a young age, this led to the realisation that the power of the mind is significant to our growth and development throughout life.

The more she practiced using the imagination the more it became real to her.

She says. “As children we have a natural ability to move into our imaginative world. The more we become influenced by worldly matters the sooner we lose this gift. The old saying what we don’t use we loose, becomes apparent yet again”.

As a Sunday school from the age of 12  then later as a  music teacher she had the privilege of being connected to younger children throughout her life. Through them she developed a joy for telling stories.   Ironically the stories all revolved around children using the imagination. She continued to use this topic in the 5 books she has written.
Through these books she hoped to help children to realise the importance of using the imagination and to retain this gift.
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