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Valerie is a pianist and composer, a teacher of piano, music harmony  and vocal training.
She has ATCL,  LTCL, teachers diploma's from Trinity College of London.
She has obtained diploma's from the British School of Yoga in Meditation, Colour Therapy and Hypnotherapy.
She has done extensive study of the brain and brainwaves.
Her work with brainwave entrainment inspired her to create Binaural beat CD's in order to help balance the brainwaves in different areas.
She is a performer of her own compositions, the classical music of great composers, popular music and jazz. She performs in their home theatre the Rembrandt Mini-Home Theatre.
She has dedicated herself towards helping people to live a happier, healthier and enthusiastic life. She also helps people to learn how to heal themselves and fullfill  their purpose through her Music Therapy programmes

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