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Listening to Music takes you into another dimension.
Having an understanding of how to listen to the music will enhance the experience.
Book! so you too can enjoy an experience of love and caring through music.

The Power of Music
Students wrote about what music means to them. they spoke about the calming effect music had on them, It relaxed them when they felt stressed and comforted them when they felt alone.

Never is this effect more evident than in the experience of live music.  Music must be shared with others; it connects a community.  In our modern age, we sometimes lose sight of the importance of live music concerts.  For our young children, attending live music concerts is so very important.
Live music touches the soul
Live music is motivating

Attending live music recitals is INSPIRING.  It makes us WANT to go home and practice.  Getting to understand how the music is created is uplifting.

Here’s a closer look at some benefits of just listening to classical music does for us.

1. Brain Boost!
There is something called the “Mozart Effect,” which made many people believe that listening to music, particularly classical music, made you smarter. Well, it’s not that simple and clear cut, several studies have shown a similar trend. In a study done by Chakravarthi Kanduri, Computational Biology Researcher at the University of Helsinki, participants were split into two focus groups. The first had musical experience, and the second did not. In the end, Kanduri concluded, “listening to classical music enhanced the activity of genes that are mainly related to reward and pleasure, cognitive functions and proper brain function.”

2. Healing Properties.
Music therapy has been used in a variety of medical fields since the 1800s. Studies have shown that soothing classical music is often played in post-anesthesia units because of its ability to improve comfort and reduce pain. This is due to the effect of the music on the brain, whereby it makes the person focus on the sounds rather than the physical pain.

3. Stress-Relief and Mood Changer.
If you’re feeling sad or overwhelmed, take a few moments of your day to listen to some classical music. Just like its healing properties, it has a tremendous effect on mood and stress, and has been proven to have the same physiological effects as a massage. You know when you’re in the club turning up on a Saturday night, it gets too crazy and you need to take a step outside? Well, classical music has the opposite effect to what loud, aggressive, heavy beat music has on you. Club music can encourage stress and anxiety while classical music calms you down and improves your mood.

4. You’ll fall asleep in 5 seconds.
Well, not really – but because classical music is so potent in calming the mind, your body naturally follows and also enters a more relaxed state. This has proven extremely effective with people suffering from insomnia and other disorders. Classical, along with white noise and natural sounds, are favorites for therapists to use when conducting sleep therapy. Substitute your pills and other sleep “aids” for some classical music!

5. Physical Push.
When you’re in the gym, you bump your favorite type of music to get you in the zone as you’re going through your reps. When you’re running, the music keeps you going and gives a little push when you’re about to give in. I certainly need my music when I’m running or in the gym and guys like Austin Roberts agree with me. There have been studies that have shown a positive correlation between increased physical performance and any type of music. For some it’s classical and for others, it’s heavy metal.

Scenic Sounds
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