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Music in the soul can be heard by the Universe
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Suitable for all voice ranges.
Would you like to develop your singing voice through the wonder of your own energy centre’s.      
Through this quick and easy instruction you will have a complete body work out which covers every Chakra in the body, and develops your singing/speaking voice at the same time. If your voice is already good this instruction is known to make it even better.
You will find out about the Chakra’s and their relation to the Glands which produce our physical & emotional energy.  Their connection to the organs, which through focus, can work to their optimum performance. You will also develop an awareness of the energy Vibrations  of colour, the brainwaves and music notes which relate to the glands which provide our energy output.
The full experience is achieved in the comfort of your own home.
This programme was developed and has been used over many years to achieve a successful singing technique.
Anything worthwhile does require committment and consistency.  You will receive an mp3 of voice exercises. You will also receive a pdf booklet of step by step instruction.
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