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Music in the soul can be heard by the Universe
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Val so enjoyed creating and recording "Reflection on Love through Music." she also added digital instruments after recording the piano music she then put it onto the computer in her Sibelius programme in Midi format.
You will also hear pieces of music she enjoyed by other composers.
I hope you enjoy them.
Crepuscular  (Of the Twighlight)  
was a composition that was inspired  by the music of John Field.  
The notes and chordal progressions came naturally and flowed from one section to another.

Love Is? is a piece that was built through the flow of the chosen chords.
It is a favourite among listeners. Many feel it could be used for a movie background.
Dean Krain created a video using a green screen after her recorded the music.
His expertise of video work can be seen while listening.
I think most people who compose music of this nature will get to the end of the music thinking "Was it really me that composed that," It feels as though it comes from somewhere else.
To me I think that proves that we are all one and are influenced by the energy of each other.
Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy. Clair de Lune, is really all about capturing the essence of something. It puts one in mind of an impressionist painting, It is a beautiful piece of music and I feel that it is an honour to be able to give my interpretation to this work of Debussy's.

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Pianist & Composer Valerie Kerr
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