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Scenic Sounds
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I have known Valerie Kerr for 8 years now. I first started going to her for piano lessons in my final year of varsity. She always believed in me and made me feel like I could do anything and achieve anything. I was nervous about my exams and because of her guidance and passion and teaching tips I got a distinction for my final music exams. I went on to become a music teacher and believe in myself because she believed in me. I always looked up to her and loved hearing her amazing compositions. You can just see and feel her passion for the piano and helping others just in the way she plays and in her manner. Her ear is also incredible she also plays by ear which I know a very few people in the world can do.
Val also invited me to attend a few of her screenings of scenic sounds. I found this concept amazing, especially in this day in age where people are so stressed and don=t have time to relax and wind down or just be mindful in the moment, everything is a race. I feel this will help so many people to find that peace and calm just to recharge their batteries again. The beautiful videos along with Val=s piano are the perfect combination to help people.
I feel her mission on earth is one of helping others as she has helped me so much in so many ways not just with piano. She has also always had a listening ear to chat about anything which I love. Hey environment is a joyful and accepting one. People feel completely at home with her.
-Brigette Aupiais

I absolutely loved the Scenic sounds journey.  It made me feel calm and relaxed and the stress I was feeling I felt melting away during my journey through the program. The quality and sound were amazing. I loved the movement within still. Definately a must try.

I have been a piano and vocals student of Valerie Kerr since November 2015. Valerie has been such an inspiration to me in aiding me with my technique, understanding, and application of music principles.
Valerie has also instructed me in a way which is uplifting and encouraging.  She inspires me to be the best I can be.
Valerie is an excellent pianist and is very strict with herself concerning technique, skill, and performance. She is not only my piano teacher, but my friend.
Valerie lives her music, and is an outstanding performer, which a unique technique and talent. She makes beautiful music.
Dr Valerie Strydom (Phil D)

Valerie Kerr is a seasoned musician and composer dedicated to the pursuit of perfecting the art of music.
Valerie has spent many years sharing joy and mastery of music with numerous students enhancing both practical and technical skills. It is a pleasure learning from such a passionate person.
Paulo Branco
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